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Referral Bonus

Earn $10 BTC

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Referral Bonus

Earn $10 off store-wide

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CoinSpot, founded by Russell Wilson in 2014, provides an easy-to-use interface for investing and trading in a range of more than 350 cryptocurrencies, DeFis and NFTs. Home to more than 2 million registered customers, CoinSpot also has a flexible multi-coin wallet service which enables customers to send, manage and receive digital assets on the go, in a seamless manner. It also allows the user to monitor or swap into any other token listed on CoinSpot. 

CoinSpot runs an Affiliate Program which allows existing users to earn commission from the trades of users they introduce to their portal. When an user signs up at CoinSpot using an Affiliate Link of an existing customer, the exchange provides the existing customer a commission on the trading fees of the affiliate customer. The base rate for commission is 30% and progressively decreases annually. This program can generate wealth for customers according to the number of customers they bring to CoinSpot.

0-12 Months30%
12-24 Months15%
24-36 Months5%

The company also has a Referral Program which enables current users to refer new customers to the exchange. Referral rewards and offers are provided which incentivise users to increase their healthy exposure to cryptocurrencies. Try the code M73WNJ during sign-up to get entitled to $10 worth of Bitcoin in rewards. You can also try the code REFG3PUNE to earn a $10 store-wide off. 




FAQs from CoinSpot

How to avail CoinSpot offers?

  1. Copy the CoinSpot coupon code.
  2. You will be redirected to the CoinSpot sign-up page.
  3. Complete the registration and paste the code in the ‘Referral or Affiliate code (Optional)’ box.
  4. Follow the required process to start enjoying rewards!