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Earn 60% Discount on Trading Fees

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Liquid is one of the foremost cryptocurrency exchanges globally based on daily traded spot volume. The platform operates on a vision to foster a progressive landscape for crypto traders and investors. It is home to more than 800,000 users and supports more than 80 tokens. It provides deep liquidity for various crypto pairs against fiat pairs including the Japanese Yen, Euro etc.

  • Liquid is offering a 50% discount on trading fees if you use QASH tokens and an additional 10% discount on using the referral code Q7kb5DnB652110 during sign-up. 
  • Liquid also offers staking services through which you can earn through your digital asset holdings. Whether you are a trader or a HODLer, you can gain returns from staking. You can earn up to 14.046% APY through staking at Liquid.


FAQs from Liquid

How to avail Liquid offers?

  1. Copy the Liquid referral code.
  2. You will be redirected to the Liquid sign-up page.
  3. The coupon code should appear in the ‘Referral Code (Optional)’ box.
  4. Complete the registration and follow the steps to start enjoying rewards.